STT Event pictures

STT's very first meet/event, @ De Meern. 08-03-2015

The first meet resulted in 16(!!) Hyundai's..! This was the beginning of everything for STT, and the beginning of a lot of new frienships.

STT @ Heaven on wheels, Belgium. And small tour+diner. 22-03-2015

STT visited a big meeting in Belgium: Heaven on wheels. The weather wasn't really great so we diceded to go touring. End of the day we ate together, as often.

STT tour through the German Eiffel and Nordschleiffe 19-04-2015


One of the coolest events we will do every year (at least 2-3 times a year...) is driving through the hills of the Eifel, in Germany. Cruising through the forest, steering through hairpin corners: heaven..!

And of course we ALWAYS visit the Nurburg ring / Nordschleiffe.........................
(Green)Hell Yeahhh.!

STT @ Circuit Zolder, Belgium. 03-05-2015

Yearly big event at Circuit Zolder. Big meeting, lots of cars, shows, and so on. We had lots of fun together, as always.

Afterwards: Mc Donalds..!!    : )

STT GoKarts and diner. 13-06-2015

Had a great day at the go-kart circuit. (no pictures...)

Afterwards, had diner together.

Weekend in ''De Ardennen'' Belgium. 10/11/12-07-2015

One of the coolest events we had in 2015: 3 days together in the ''mountains'' of De Ardennen, Belgium.
Did a lot of fun stuff together and drove nice roads..! Even seen the highest point in Belgium.

Touring the ''Mergelland route'' and diner together. 16-08-2015

The weather was really bad this day. Lots of rain and almost no sun. But we enjoyed the tour anyway.
Afterwards we had diner at the highest hill in The Netherlands.

STT @ XXL_meet, and touring afterwards. 30-08-2015

We visited a big car meeting togehter. The weather was superb..! So, we went for a drive in the afternoon.

STT to IAA, Frankfurt, Germany. 19-09-2015

We drove 500Km (and 500km back...) in 1 day to Frankfurt Germany, just for a car show. But, for us it was very special: Because we could see the N-brand from Hyundai.

We had LOTS of fun on the German ''autobahn''.  It was a long and exhausting day, but it was great..!

Second visit Eiffel and Nordschleiffe. 27-09-2015


Our second visit in 2015 at the Nordschleiffe (Green Hell). Weather was great..! So were the roads, and low traffic.......  : )

Had our fun at the track.
Found a good restaurant afterwards.(snitzel was gooooood)

STT @ Hyundai Treffen Germany. 9/10/11-10-2015


The biggest Hyundai event in Europe: Hyundai Treffen Germany. Organised by Hyundai GMBH Germany, this event is a MUST for every Hyundai fan..!
Many things to see, do, and experience. Even test drives in the newest Hyundai models, for FREE.
This was a great weekend. Had to travel almost 800km to get there, but thats what we like at STT: Touring.


Won a lot of trofey's also. ( not only for the cars...LOL..)

A day at the Crhistmas fair in Monschau, Germany. 20-12-2015


Christmas Fair's in Germany are super cool. ( execpt for the temperature this year: No snow and above 10 degrees Celsius..)

We enjoyed our selves anyhow.  Maybe next year WITH snow........................

New years Eve diner and watching fireworks @ STT ''office''


We ate at a nice restaurant together and afterwards we went to STT office........... Watched the fireworks from way above from the balcony.
We were up untill 07:00 the next morning............. Talked about cars, parts, hyundai, more cars and stuff all night long.......

After only a few hours of sleep we played Fifa16 for a while.  Everyone was tired. After diner the guys left around 20:00.

Great day's..!

STT tour: Zeeland, Doel and Antwerpen 10-01-2016.

We had a nice ride through Zeeland. From there we drove to Doel, a ghost town in Belgium. Ended in Anwerpen ( also Belgium) and enjoyed dinner together.

Friday Night Ride 19-02-2016

My buddy Kim Scheynen made a nice route for us at the scene. Ended up in Belgium. Filled our cars with cheap '98 and drove on.

Had fun..!

STT One Year Anniverary Meet 6-3-2016

We had 22 (!!!) Hyundai's visiting this meeting, celebrating our 1 year anniversary as STT.

After a few hours we had 15 of the 22 cars who went along the tour trough ''de veluwe''.

Although the weather forecast was very bad, we only had one brief moment of rain that afternoon. We even had a lot of sunshine..!

After the ride we dined at our favourite Schnitzel restaurant in Wissel, Germany.

The ride back on the highway was also cool, but with snow and later on some rain.  One by one we split up and went home.

STT One year meet: PERFECT DAY..!!!!!

STT Driving through the Eifel and hitting the Nordschleiffe(again..) 23-04-2016

We had great weather and nice roads that day. End of the day we did some laps at the Nordschleiffe, as usual.

Had diner together.  A day to remember..!

STT 4-day trip to Germany, Belgium, Luxemburg and France.5/6/7/8-05-2016

I could tell a milion-word story about this weekend, but.......... Let's just say it was awesome. And a good preperation for the upcoming Road Trip in July.